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HST 121: Latin American History : Home

Utilize this guide as a tool for completing Paper #1 as assigned by David Richmond for Latin American History.

Assignment #1

Welcome to the Library Guide for Latin American History with David Richmond.  If you have found your way to this page, then you have already been given the assignment guidelines. 

This guide will assist you in completing Paper #1 by:

  • Engaging you in the use of the Harper Library.
  • Helping you locate the information you need to successfully research Paper #1.
  • Saving you time.

We are happy to offer personal assistance, so please visit us at the Reference Desk.


Additional Resources

If you are unfamiliar with accessing information from the Harper Library, please review the information offered at the Lib Guide for Distance Learning Resources.

If you are new to the research paper writing process, you may also seek writing help at the Writing Center of Harper College.