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Political Science: Websites

Website evaluation

The Internet offers a wealth of information on the topic of physics.  As with all other sites on the Internet use your critical skills to determine the quality of the material. The following is a A Checklist for Evaluating Internet Resources:

Who is the author of the piece?

Is the author the original source of this information?

Does he/she list his/her occupation, years of experience, position or education?

With this information or lack of it, do you feel this person is qualified to write on the given topic?

What institution (company, organization, government, university) or Internet provider supports this information?

If it is a commercial Internet provider, does the author appear to have any affiliation with a larger institution?

If it is an institution, is it a national institution? Local institution? International institution?

Does the institution appear to filter the information appearing under its name?

Does the author's affiliation with this particular institution appear to bias the information?

When was this document created or last updated?

What appears to be the purpose of the document? (Inform, explain, persuade, etc.)

Given all the information you determined from the above questions, is this Internet site an appropriate source of information for your topic?

Would you have any reservations in telling someone else to use this information? Would you make any disclaimers in using this information?

Political Science websites

The Internet offers a wealth of information on Political Science. The links below offer easy access to professional organizations, journals, news sites, and a fun site or two.