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Legal Resources: Other Print Legal Resources

Miscellaneous Resources

There are countless resources available for legal research:

  • Treatises examine a particular area of law in great detail
  • Forms books provide examples of legal forms
  • ALR discusses specific legal issues and lists relevant cases
  • IICLE publishes workbooks on areas of legal practice specifically for Illinois lawyers

Below are some examples of works in the Harper Library.Large legal libraries will contain many different types of legal research tools depending upon the type of practice they support.  Examples of larger legal collections available to the Harper Community are Depaul Law School Library and the law libraries available at county court houses.  It is a good idea to call a library before visiting to confirm hours and material availability.  Lexis and Westlaw, available to current Harper paralegal students contain many of these types of resources.  The Campus Research database available to all Harper Students and community members has some of these types of resources, but not too many.  Campus Research available here is available to current students and employees on or off campus, community users must visit the campus to use it.