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Green Research: Why Print When You Can Email?

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Emailing & Saving Articles

When starting your research it is a good idea to have articles saved electronically rather than printing several articles that you  may not use.  If you email an article then you don't have to worry about loosing your printed copy.  Saving articles in a digital format helps reduce paper use, and makes it easier to organize your information on the computer.

The following are examples from some of the most popular databases at Harper College.

Look for Email and Save icons in other databases in order to save electronic versions of the article.  If you have questions about how to email or save an article just ask the library staff for assistance.

Emailing and Saving in EBSCOhost Databases

The following example is from Academic Search Complete, but this information applies to any EBSOhost database.

Email Manager

Emailing from NewsBank

Emailing from Issues & Controversies