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SPE 101: Find Articles

All the best resources for you to start your speech, all in one location.

Off-Campus Access

If accessing the database off-campus you will be required to sign on with the same user name and password you use to access the student portal.

Searching Issues and Controversies

Issues and Controversies is an excellent resource on current events and pressing issues. Get overviews of both sides of many controversial topics. Excellent sources to follow up on.

  • Keyword search to find articles on your topic.

  • Narrow your search by "date range" to find the most recent articles.
  • Scroll to the bottom to see how to format your citation for your works cited.


    Search for Articles

    EBSCOhost Academic Search Complete

    Academic Search Complete is an excellent place to find scholarly or peer-reviewed journal aritlces. 

    • Remember to check the box for "Full Text" - it gives you results of articles that Harper has paid to access.
    • Limit by "Published Date" if you need the most recent information only.
    • Once you've clicked on one of your results, you can print, email, save, or get a citation for the article by using the choices on the right hand side of the page.

    Too Many Results?

    • Narrow your search to full text on the left-hand side of the results page.
    • You can also limit to peer reviewed which will display only those articles that have been appraised and approved by experts in the field.

    Not Enough Results?

    Academic Search complete is a great starting point, but it may not have a lot of information on a specific topic.
    Try one of our other collections of resources from our Aricles and More page.

    • The name of the collection appears on the left. The subject area it covers is in the next column.
    • The list is sorted alphabetically by name. Click on "Sort by Subject" and the list will sort itself alphabetically by subject.
    • Consider one of the subject specific databases if you did not find enough in Academic Search Complete.
    • Click on the resource that you want to try, and a discription comes up in the box on the right. The link in the box will take you to that resource.

    Searching CQ Researcher

    CQ Researcher is a great place to get started with information about your topic. CQ Researcher's writers create comphrensive reports including features like timelines, maps and charts, and opinions from experts both for and against the topic.

    • Use "Quick Search" to search a topic.
    • "Browse by Topic" to find a topic of interest or narrow your focus.
    • Print the entire report or sections.
    • Navigate the report with the table of contents.
    • Use the "Cite Now" function for your Works Cited page.