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Begin Your Research: Articles

Guide to cross-disciplinary research for new students, Eng 101 and Spe 101 students

What is a scholarly article?

This video from University of Washington libraries answers the questions many students ask -- What IS a scholarly article? For more of their videos click here.

What is a Library Database

Find answers to the question, "What is a Database?" in this video by NEIU Libraries. For more of their videos click here.

Cross-disciplinary article search

type in no more than 2-3 keywords in the box below. Your search results open on a new screen. This database contains scholarly articles AND other material like newspapers.

Search for scholarly articles

Search for Newspaper Articles

Search below for newspaper articles using keywords.

Still looking for more?

If you want to know what experts in a particular discipline (subject)  are saying about your topic, look for articles in discipline-specifc databases.