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Early Childhood Education: Find Statistics

A compilation of audiovisual, print, electronic and online materials in the discipline of Early Childhood Education that are available for Harper College students

Find Illinois Statistics

Find Illinois Statistics

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Illinois - Employment information about Illinois.

Community Profiles - Profiles of cities and towns in Illinois, including information about population, transportation, top employers, taxes, and community facilities. Brought to you by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

Economic Indicators - Tables of some of the most common signs of economic growth and well-being for people in the state of Illinois. Includes descriptions of what these indicators are and why they signal economic well-being. Brought to you by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

Illinoi Factsheets - Quick summaries on a variety of topics, including quality of life, education, healthcare, technology, building costs, workforce, and industry information. Brought to you by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

Occupational Employment Statistics (OES): Wage Information - Information about average wages and salaries for different jobs in Illinois. Brought ot you by the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

Illinois Health Statistics - Data about health related topics in Illinois. Website from the Illinois Department of Health.

Illinois QuickFacts - Basic population Information about Illinois from the Census Bureau.

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency - Policies and reports about the environment in Illinois, including air quality, water quality, and waste management.

Find International Statistics

Find International Statistics

Find statistics from around the world on a number of topics.

Eurostat - Statistics kept by the European Union. A wide range of statistics are arranged on the website by theme.

United Nations Statistics Division - Statistics kept by the United Nations about member countries. Many topics are covered, but much is related to population and living conditions.

World Health Organization - Information about health issues throughout the world, from the UN's World Health Organization.

International Labour Organization - find data about jobs and employment from all over the world using the International Labour Organization's website. Information is grouped by region and by topic.

CIA World Factbook - Handy information about all the countries on the globe, courtesy of the Central Intelligence Agency. Includes maps, flags, geographical, cultural, and political overviews, and important population statistics.

Understanding Statistics

Understanding Statistics

Statistics are pieces of information in the form of numbers. Statistics could be a percentage, a rate, an average, a dollar amount, a count of something, or many other more complicated numbers.

In trying to find the information you need for your project, you may run into terms or ideas that you are unfamiliar with. Here are some sites to decode the technical talk about statistics that may be confusing.

Glossary of Statistical Terms - An alphabetical list of statistic terms and their meanings from the Instistute for Statists Education.

General US Statistics

Statistical Abstract of the United States- An organized and easy to search and browse collection of government statistics about the United States. A good overview of some of the more common statistics looked up.

Historical Statistics of the United States - Older data about the United States, and information about changes over time. Years available are different for each reports, but often go back to the 1800's, some even to the 1790's.

Gallup - Gallup is an independent research company that runs polls and publishes that information, as well as working on a consulting bases to help other businesses and organizations gather statistics. They have US and international Statistics.

Find Economic Statistics

Find Economic Statistics

Find statistics related to money matters, such as income, employment,

Regional Economic Conditions - This site, from the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, supplies graphs, tables, and maps, by state and by county about employment, income, real estate, and industry trends.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics - The best resources for information about employment, salary, prices, inflation and other key business and labor resources.

Census Bureau Economic Statistics - A handy collection of statistics about the economy from the Census Bureau.

Economic Indicators - The Council of Economic Advisers for the Joint Economic Committee pulls together key economic statistics by month, dating back to April 1995.

Budget of the United States Government - The authoritative source for how much was spent on what as put out by by the Office of Management and Budget. Includes highlights for each section, as well as goals and priorities about funding.

Find Statistics About People

Find Statistics About People

Find statistics about people, include age, birth and death rates, race, families, living arrangements, and marriage, housing, immigration, crime rates, poverty and income, veterans, voting registration, disabilities, and many more topics.

US Census Bureau - One stop for almost all questions about people in the United States. Most data is collected every ten years, though smaller surveys are done more often for many of the most important indicators.

STATS America - Search for population statistics by state and county. Compare up to four places side by side. From the Indiana Business Research Center at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business.

Bureau of Justice Statistics - Use this site to find statics about crime in America.

Eurostat - Statistics kept by the European Union. A wide range of statistics are arranged on the website by theme.