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Art 121 (FYS): Design Your Future

Library guide to the ART121 FYS "Your Future" assignment, coupled with an introduction to some information literacy concepts.

Design Your Future

Research Assignment – Your Future
Design 1 ART121 (FYS)

Review this Library guide and you will successfully:

Write a paper that answers or addresses all of the following questions.
Your paper must be 1-2 pages long, single spaced, typed.
Print and attach one appropriate job listing that supports your answers and plans.
Cite your sources on your paper.

  • What is your major here at Harper?
  • Are you a transfer student or career student?
  • What college degree do you plan to earn?
  • What career are you working toward?
  • What are 3 careers or jobs that are closely related to your first-choice career?
  • If you plan to transfer, what are your top 3 school choices?
  • What factors make these schools your top choices?
  • If you are a career student, name 3 types of places where you could get a job?

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