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Cannabis Science, Therapeutics and Policy: Getting Started

A guide to resources on cannabis science and therapeutics available through the Harper College Library

Medical Cannabis LibGuide

This Research Guide is a starting place for research relating to the medical use of cannabis, also known as medical marijuana, and its many variations. It is designed to provide direction regarding dispensary operations, the law, pharmacology and chronic pain and/or illness with regard to marijuana.

Cannabis Science and Therapeutics Program at Harper College

Topics related to Medical and Recreational Cannabis (Marijuana)

Chemistry, effects and emerging therapeutic benefits for chronic pain and illness

  • Qualifying medical conditions​

Political and socio-economic influences on marijuana laws

Regulations/Implications surrounding cannabis

  • Business and Banking
  • Legal: Federal vs. State
  • Safety, Standardization, Quality Control
  • Synthetic vs plant-based products

Potential Economic Windfalls of Hemp, CBD, Marijuana

  • Big Business - Pharma ; Tobacco ; Alcohol 
  • Agriculture (2018 Farm Bill, also known as the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018)
  • Food & Beverage Companies
  • Entrepreneurs ; Business Ventures

Who is the author of your sources?

Marijuana (cannabis) is a complex issue in today's health, economic, legal and government sectors.  Understanding the term "marijuana" and its alternate variations of chemical components, is a starting point for understanding its role in today's society. Marijuana's history, particularly in the U.S., is not only informative but also eye-opening. 

Marijuana research is an excellent demonstration of BIAS (in favor of or against something), especially when evaluating source information. Not sure if a source of information is accurate, current, reliable, authoritative, and fact-based? Ask one of our Library faculty for help!