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ESL: Find Websites

A guide to ESL materials and resources in the Library.

Tools & Games

ESL Listening Comprehension Exercises: Movie Clips-Watch short trailers from popular films, and then answer questions about what you heard. There are 10 film clips to choose from. This is a fun way to improve your listening and comprehension skills.

Road to Grammar-Quizzes and games to improve your grammar.

OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab for ESL Instructors and Students

English Flash Games-Notice that the spelling is the British form (colours, practise). Try these interactive games to help you review vocabulary.

Shahi visual dictionary-Type in a word and see related images from Google, Flickr, and Yahoo image databases.

Language Guide English-Detailed categories of words with illustrations and audio.

Dave's ESL Cafe : Quizzes-Variety of quizzes: geography, grammar, science, history, world culture, and more.

Quick and Dirty Tips-from Mignon Fogarty, the Grammar Girl: Who vs. whom; lay vs. lie; affect vs. effect; further vs. farther ... Great site, not just for ESL students but for everyone. Written explanations with graphics + audio and video.

Byki-Byki Online successfully builds the learner's vocabulary in the target language through an intuitive interface and "best practices" pedagogy.


Learn & Practice English

busuu-busuu is the world's largest social network for language learning. Connect for free with native speakers worldwide on your computer, tablet or mobile. 

LiveMocha-Free online language learning with lessons, courses and other language-learning activities. Our fun and effective language lessons are available in 35 languages. Registration, lessons, and access to native speakers are FREE!

Perfect Pronunciation Exercises from Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary-15 sessions, 5 exercises per session, focusing on proper English pronunciation.

Everyday Life-Practice vocabulary and conversation in these interactive, situation-based lessons covering various aspects of everyday life.

ABC Pronunciary: American English Pronunciation Dictionary-48 minute lesson offers video and audio showing the mouth and lips pronouncing the sound, followed by verbal instructions on how to form that sound and sentences with words that reinforce the sound. Reviews by international students are favorable.

USA Learns -"Improve basic reading, writing, speaking, and life skills." Free site. Registration required (brief form)

5 Minute EnglishShort lessons to practice grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, listening, and slang/idioms.

English pronunciation-Click the word under the picture, then click the image of a speaker (beneath the copyright notice) to hear the word pronounced.

Many Things-Links to puzzles, quizzes, games, listen-and-repeat exercises, and videos for ESL learners. Scroll down to Sortable Table Content with links.

Adult Learning Activities-Click on an image that interests you to pull up a list of audio recordings. From the list, select a recording to listen to. Then click the Listen button. After you have listened to the story, click the Activities link to test what you have learned.

Activities for ESL students-Easy, medium, and difficult quizzes to test grammar and vocabulary. Also, bilingual quizzes in English paired with 49 other languages.

Math, Reading, Technology  -Click the tab for a subject area of interest. For Reading, you have the option to be instructed in your native language (if your language is one of those offered). Technology includes tutorials on Basic Computer, Basic Internet, Microsoft Office, Facebook, and Google.

Expressing Time in English-If you like this presenter and want to see more of her videos, just Google YouTube Valen ESL to find all her lessons or go to

Learn English in 3 Minutes: Asking where are you from?-Go to and type in the search box Learn English in 3 Minutes to bring up other video lessons in this series.