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ESL 073: Reading Logs: Reading log assignment

Reading log

Click on the link below for a blank reading log.

Sample reading log

Click below for a sample reading log and article.

Article topics

You are free to find articles on any topic that interests you.

Suggestions for topics include:

  • your country
  • health
  • education
  • immigration
  • politics
  • child development
  • recreation

Reading log assignment

Five (5)  reading logs are required throughout the semester by each student to be submitted online for the weeks required. Five (5) additional reading logs may be completed for extra credit.(See syllabus due dates) 

  1. The student must use either  MAS Ultra, MasterFILE Premier, or Academic Search Complete  to find an article 600-2500 words in length as demonstrated in our library presentation. 
  2. The student uses the blank reading log sheet provided online or in the column on the left. Use SAVE AS, complete the assignment, save it and attach it to your assignment for the appropriate week.
  3. On the Reading Log five vocabulary words will be found from the article and the student will provide their definitions of those words.
  4. For each article a five sentence summary and a five sentence reaction will be required.  See "How to summarize" in the pre-course section for reference.

Summarizing: Why? & How to Write an Effective Summary

Summarizing: Why? & How to Write an Effective Summary

 From “More Reading Power” & “New Directions” textbook


(Click below for step-by-step directions on summarizing)



1.     Name of Article & Author (if given):

2.    Topic of Article & Thesis Statement or Main Idea

3.    Topic Sentences or Supporting Details: Examples, Main Evidence or Important things Discussed.