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The Make Shop: Faculty & Curriculum

Location: F222


Students need space and time to tinker with information that they learn in class. Libraries can give the space and the time, (during class time or before/after school, during lunch breaks, etc.) for students to do research and then use trial and error, or a design process, to use that information to create something. Students can see how their creation works, (or why it didn’t work), and then refine and improve it. 

The Make Shop helps students bridge the theoretical to the practical. We also provide space for students link information from different topics, which helps with understanding and retention. Students can combine different skills, (Literature and Sewing, Spanish, History and Math) to create something that shows knowledge gained along with a deeper understanding of a specific topic.

Contact if you have an idea for a project for your students.

Let The Make Shop Make Your Grading More Enjoyable

Introducing the Make Shop


Students are encouraged to:

1. Develop skills in critical-thinking, design, and problem-solving.

2. Engage in an active, hands-on learning experience.

3. See themselves as creators of information instead of just consumers of information.

4. Invent, construct, and create new modes of expressing or displaying their work.

5. Engage with other makers in the Harper community in order to learn from each other.