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This guide is for students in Keith Jensen's 101 and 102 Humanities classes.

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Plagiarism - what it is and how to avoid it!

For a better understanding of plagiarism and how you can avoid it, click here.

Citation Help

Proper citation is an expectation of all college students.  Ask a Librarian for help or click on a link below:

What is College-Level Research?

Past research assignments may have involved restating information you learned elsewhere. College-level research involves work that is fresh and original - it's your work, not someone else's.  Here are some tips:

Ask original and interesting questions;

Use academic resources;

Use proper citation;

Draw original conclusions;

Work to create a new understanding or new ideas about a topic.

What are Academic Resources?

Academic resources tend to be:

Scholarly in nature;


Written by experts in a field;

May be the result of original research, experimentation, or study.

Think: Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt, not Wikipedia

Think: Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, not Health magazine

Think: The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, not Lincoln in the Bardo

Ask a Librarian

Why work with a Librarian?

Librarians are experts in identifying and locating appropriate resources for various information needs.  Librarians can help with research projects, papers, speech assignments, citations, and more.  

5 Ways the Library Can Help You Succeed

General Services

The Harper College Library offers a variety of virtual services to support online learning.

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Information Literacy - what it is and why it's important!

"Information Literacy" refers to the skills necessary to successfully locate, evaluate, and use information.    


The TRAAP test helps to determine the strength of a source:

Timeliness - Is the information timely?

Relevancy - Is the information relevant?

Authority - What authority does the author have on the subject? 

Accuracy - Is the information accurate?

Purpose - What is the author's purpose for composing this information?

Download the full document below.