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Humanities - Keith Jensen: Humanities 102 Renaissance - Modern West

This guide is for students in Keith Jensen's 101 and 102 Humanities classes.

Get Organized

Start off on the right foot with these tips:

Choose a Topic

What do you find interesting?

What are you curious about?

Does the topic meet the requirements of the assignment?

Is the topic too narrow or too broad?

Explore an Idea

Look for ideas in your textbook, the table of contents of books, your syllabus, or your instructor.

Skim an encyclopedia article.

Watch a short video.

Create a Research Strategy

What is the scope of the project?

How much time do you have?

How much information is needed?

What type of information is needed?

Gather Information

Use a variety of resources: reference books, specific books, articles, documentaries, primary sources, reputable websites...

Organize Sources

Organizing your resources will help you write your paper, create accurate citations, and avoid plagiarism.

Organize Information

Organizing information will help you identify gaps in your research and create a project that makes sense and flows.  Try an outline, mind map, sticky notes, index cards, or an app.  

View Streaming Videos

Videos are a quick and fun way to learn about a topic.  Use them as visual aides in presentations or speeches.  These resources are recommended for topics related to the Humanities.

Reference Ebooks

Reference books provide basic, background information in a quick, accessible format.  These resources are recommended for topics related to the Humanities. 

Look for Articles

Databases are easy to search and contain articles from thousands of journals, magazines, and newspapers.  These resources are recommended for topics related to the Humanities.

Look for Ebooks

Easy-to-access books on a variety of topics.