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Black History: Black Health and Wellness

Black Health and Wellness

Each year, a theme is selected for Black History Month.  Some recent themes include: "The Crisis in Black Education", "Black Migrations", and "African Americans and the Vote".  Looking through the complete list of themes (dating back to 1928), it's interesting to contemplate what society may have been experiencing to inspire those themes.   

The theme for 2022 is "Black Health and Wellness" - undoubtedly inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic for its physical, mental, and emotional impact.  Below are some resources to support Black health and wellness.



General Articles

Articles about Skin Cancer

A common misconception is that brown skins can't get skin cancer.  This is NOT true.  All skins are susceptible to skin cancer and should be checked regularly by a doctor.  Self-examinations are a good place to start - get familiar with your skin!  Don't forget to check between toes, the bottoms of your feet, and behind your ears.     

Rosa Parks practiced Yoga!

This photograph of Rosa Parks is part of the Library of Congress collection.  In addition to practicing yoga, she also meditated, became vegetarian, and consulted a naturopathic doctor - a great example of practicing good health and wellness!