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Mass Communication: Evaluating Information

Deciding who to trust

What is your process for research and discovery? How do you evaluate the information you find? Watch the (delightfully charming) John Green in his entertaining video below and think about your answers to these questions.

Evaluating evidence

When you start the research process, it's a good idea to get familiar with your topic by gathering background information. We often start of the research process with an instinct to Google our topic and read Wikipedia---and that's okay! Just don't stop there. Your next step is to verify the validity of what you have read on the web, or Wikipedia, by checking some authoritative sources. The Library website will link you to all kinds of authoritative sources. But first, view the (eternally endearing) John Green discuss evaluating evidence in the video below!

A word on Wikipedia

Listen to the (always scintillating) John Green discuss Wikipedia, in the video below and you'll have a plethora of conversation starters for your next post-pandemic face-to-face engagement!