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ChatGPT and Generative AI

Guide of resources and strategies for handling ChatGPT and other AI in the classroom.

Citing Generative AI

Major citation styles have begun to address generative AI tools such as ChatGPT. Everyone agrees it's important to be clear if and when you use AI in your work, but there is still some disagreement about what that might look like. The following are the current recommendations, although as with everything, these are subject to change as the world continues to adapt to these technologies. 

Citing AI in MLA Style

MLA Directions as of March 2023:

Citing AI in APA Style

APA directions as of April 2023:

Citing AI in Chicago/Turabian Style

What ChatGPT Says About Citing

For what it's worth, here is ChatGPT's response when given the prompt "how do you cite an answer from ChatGPT" (on January 25, 2023):

"There is no standard way to cite an answer from ChatGPT, as it is a machine learning model and not a published work. However, if you would like to reference an answer provided by ChatGPT in a research paper or academic work, you could use the following format:

"According to OpenAI's ChatGPT (OpenAI, n.d.) [insert answer provided by ChatGPT here]."

You can also include the date when the response was generated, since the model's knowledge cut off may change over time.

It is important to note that answers provided by ChatGPT are generated based on the information it has been trained on, and may not always be accurate or reliable. It is always a good idea to fact-check any information you receive from an AI model and consider the source when using it in any kind of publication."