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FYS Faculty

Multi-Step Research Assignment

This "option" is really a custom experience based on your own course needs and goals. A librarian can discuss options with you.

Learning outcomes:

Will vary depending on your assignment


We have worked with FYS classes on many different kinds of assignments. Some examples include:

  • Annotated bibliography: Students find and annotate sources based on a given topic; librarians design a lesson to show students the resources and skills they will need to do the research and create the bibliography
  • Find an article/resource on a given topic: In one class, librarians helped students learn about effective research strategies and evaluation, and then students were tasked with finding one resource a week on topics relevant to FYS including time management, test taking, etc. In another class, students did a similar assignment on the discussion board.
  • Research like a Professional: In this class, students were tasked with digging in to the resources professionals in their chosen discipline might use. The librarian provided a lesson on how to identify important disciplinary resources and worked with students individually to help them locate information.

The sky is the limit! Librarians would be happy to discuss how we can provide support for your existing research assignments, or we can discuss new assignment ideas. 

Time needed:


Consult with a Librarian

Librarians are experts in library, research, and information literacy skills, and we would love to discuss your FYS course and how you are incorporating these skills into your activities. Reach out to librarian Jennifer Lau-Bond to set up a conversation at any time.