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Library and Information Literacy Instruction

Guide to library and information literacy instruction offerings from the Harper College Library, including online learning materials and options for working with a librarian.

Note: You do not have to use the online learning materials. If you'd prefer to skip directly to working with a librarian, fill out our Instructional Request Form.

What kind of online learning materials are collected here?
  • Materials include videos, tutorials, and readings created or collected by Harper librarians. They cover a range of information literacy and research skills students may need to complete assignments.

How do I know what online learning materials would be useful?
  • Take a few minutes to consider: What skills or tools do students need to complete assignments in your course?
  • Use the tabs above to find resources on your own to meet student needs (i.e., Research Process, Using Tools, etc.)
  • Not sure? Fill out our Instructional Request Form and a librarian can help.
What do I do once I find materials?
  1. Share the resources in your course. If you need help adding materials to Blackboard, see the Academy's Video Tutorials. Librarians can also assist.
  2. We strongly recommend incentivizing students to read or watch the materials (e.g., tracking views, giving a quiz on the materials, etc.), as it greatly improves the likelihood students will complete it. 
  3. If it makes sense for your course, pair online materials with Student Research Appointments or Instruction with a Librarian to ensure students get personalized support.
I can't find what I need!

Introduction/Getting Started


Topics and Search Strategies

Scholarly/Peer Review

General Database "How To"

Specific Databases

Plagiarism/Academic Integrity

General Citation

Annotated Bibliographies

MLA Style (Modern Language Association)

APA Style (American Psychological Association)

Turabian Style

AMA Style (American Medical Association)

Specific Disciplines

Career Research